Made to measure Shutters

Plantation shutters are today’s iconic interior design feature. There is simply no better technique for window dressings to suit the modern passion for clean bright minimalist interiors.

Light streams through the louvres creating a unique and calming atmosphere. 

Choose the right plantation shutters for your home

Plantation shutters will create a real focal point, certain to add a unique style to any home. Individually designed & custom made for you, our shutters are stylish yet functional, allowing you to control light, shade, heat & privacy with ease.

Shutters are available in bright painted finishes and deep wood tones or custom coloured to match your interior.

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Most frequent questions and answers
The largest plantation shutter factory in the world is in China. If you want sustainable plantation shutters, China offers the best value for money and quality available on the market today.

Yes, you can request to have shutters painted in the colour of your choice. We can arrange to bring samples for the initial consultation.

Yes, we can provide a sample for you to inspect the quality of our shutters.
The life expectancy for shutters is approximately 15-20 years.
Simply wash your shutters with a cloth and waters. You can use mild detergent but don’t use any cleaning products with bleach.
MDF is the most common, but the solid wood is lighter and will last longer. MDF can swell and rot if you get condensation on the windows often.