4 Reasons to chose Plantation shutters

4 Great Reasons to Choose Interior Plantation Shutters

Customers are always asking which option is the best for their home when it comes to window furnishings. It’s a difficult thing to answer, of course, because a lot depends on what look you want to achieve and how this fits with your current interior decor.

Do you want furnishings that set you apart from the rest of the homes on your street and make a statement? Or do you want a solution that is purely functional? Most people actually want something that is somewhere in between.

When window furnishings are mentioned, you’ll understandably think about a nice set of curtains or an elegant looking blind, both of which are perfectly acceptable choices.

Another option is to go for plantation shutters which fit on the interior of windows and can be open and closed depending on the effect you want to achieve. They are becoming increasingly popular in London and Essex, mainly because they look great especially to bay windows.

There are other good reasons why you might want to choose shutters over more traditional curtains or even blinds when you decide to change your window furnishings. Here are just a few of them.

1. They Look Secure

Many people like plantation shutters because they give that appearance of added security. You can open the top tier of the shutters on a tilt rod or on a hidden tilt and let in some light, whilst keeping the bottom ones closed so people can’t see inside. From the outside the shutter looks both elegant and strong.

2. Shutters are Easy to Maintain

Another thing our customers in London and Essex like is how easy it is to maintain shutters. They only require a quick wipe down with a cloth to keep them clean. If you have someone who suffers from allergies or has a problem with dust, it’s a healthy option to think about.

3. Adding Extra Insulation

The sturdy structure of plantation shutters provides an added level of insulation from the cold outside. If you live near a busy road, higher noise levels can be a problem, so adding shutters that also cut down the sound of cars passing makes sense. The great thing is, if you want to listen to the morning chorus, all you need to do is open the shutters.

4. A Good Investment for Your Home

Shutters are very sturdy and can last a long time. If you will be looking to sell your property in the future, adding window furnishings that are as chic and impressive as this could attract buyers who are after something different.

Not only do shutters allow you to control the amount of light coming into a room, are easy to maintain and give you plenty of privacy, they add a good deal of refined sophistication to your property. At Posner Interiors we will be able to assess your window space, measure up correctly and install tailored shutters that fit your home and personality perfectly.

If you are about to change your window furnishings and want a solution that’s out of the ordinary, shutters are certainly worth considering.

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