Should The Window Shutter’s Colour Match The Wall?    

Interior window shutters remain both a classic and modern example of beautiful home decor. The great aspect about having shutters in a room is the variety they come in such as colour, size, style, material and configuration.

Shutters add interest and texture to a space and frame windows exquisitely. You can let in as little or more light as you want in a room by adjusting them, and you can also make a space more private.

Plantation Shutters

By the late 18th century, southern homes in the United States introduced the louvered shutter that became very popular in areas with warmer climates. The center slat allowed the shutters to open and close to make rooms more comfortable from the sweltering sun, and at the same time, provide welcome ventilation. These louvered-style shutters later became known as plantation shutters.

Today, this remains the most popular interior window shutter design. Its wider slats give a room an airy, light feel. Also, these shutters are sturdy, timeless-looking and easy to maintain.

Colour Options

With today’s advancements in design, tools and materials available, you can have your shutters individually created and custom-made for you. Windows all come in unique sizes and dimensions with some gracing a home from ceiling to floor. Elegant shutters can accommodate unique window shapes and sizes of every type imaginable.

Colour is a major factor, especially when most folks wonder: Should the window shutter’s colour match the wall?

That is an excellent question, and leading home decor specialists agree on a few points. First, it depends on your aesthetic. If you want to show off a room that looks seamless and “safe,” choose a shutter colour that matches your walls and window frames for a continuous look.

If your shutters are lighter than the walls, you’re introducing a level of contrast to a room. This can be to your advantage if your space is small or dark because lighter shutters can help lift and extend the perspective of the room.

Here’s another option when you’re wondering, “Should the window shutter’s colour match the wall?” If you select shutters that are darker than your walls, you’re placing the focal point on your windows adding more strength to the room. Home decor experts believe that darker shutters become visual design objects within a space.

Shutters can instantly create a mood, so take the time choosing your best colour option. Also, observe how curtains come into play with a window and its frame to set a mood and add atmosphere.

Today’s Trends

It’s really a matter of choice and what you want your personal space to reflect. You can get ideas by looking at other people’s interiors on design websites on how they’ve incorporated shutters into their homes. Check out the latest trends, and talk with a pro who can help you allow the perfect amount of light into your home with window shutters for modern living.

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