Electric Blinds and Curtain Tracks


  More and more people are gong for electric curtains or blinds for the home, particularly in London. Not only is there a range of stylish and refined designs available that can achieve different effects, your system can now be hooked into home automation such as smartphone apps and Amazon Alexa or Google Home. What … Read more

How to Dress Bi-Folding Doors?


Bi-folding doors are growing ever more popular, not only are they aesthetically pleasing on the eye but they are space conserving too. They offer an open pathway from home to garden and create additional living space. This allows the whole family to enjoy the beauty of your garden features and fresh air, while appreciating your … Read more

4 Reasons to chose Plantation shutters


4 Great Reasons to Choose Interior Plantation Shutters Customers are always asking which option is the best for their home when it comes to window furnishings. It’s a difficult thing to answer, of course, because a lot depends on what look you want to achieve and how this fits with your current interior decor. Do you … Read more

Why choose Made to Measure blinds?


With so many interior decorating outfits around nowadays in the Essex area, choosing the right one for your window blinds can take hours of searching the internet, asking friends for advice or visiting potential suppliers. Even then you can’t be sure that you have the right one for your needs. At Posner Interiors we’ve got … Read more

Get the Right Curtains for Your London Home


When considering interior design, there’s lots to think about of course. What colour will the walls be? Which type of floor covering are you going to choose? Where’s the furniture going to be? One area that many people tend to neglect in all this decision making is what kind of window furnishing they are going … Read more

The Benefits of Having an Awning Installed


If you’re sat out in the sun on a hot summer’s day, maybe reading the newspaper or relaxing with friends, you might be thankful for a little shade. We all know the dangers of too much sun and while a large umbrella might seem the answer, installing an awning is actually a lot better. You … Read more