Kensington Roof Terrace Awning – Top floor? no problem!

Now that summer has finally arrived in London, why not consider an outdoor electric awning? They can help you enjoy your patio, terrace or garden by providing shade and a place to relax while reading a book when it’s lovely and sunny. Or, as is likely in our British climate, when the weather is not as good as predicted, an awning can provide shelter from the rain (so you can carry on with that barbecue!).

Posner’s were recently asked to install an electric awning on a south-facing, 5th floor roof terrace in Kensington to provide shade for a lovely outdoor seating area. We visited the home for a consultation, where we decided with the owners on a Luxaflex awning, and discovered we would have a few challenges to overcome for this installation.

When we visited the home for a consultation we saw that our first challenge would be how and where to attach the awning and it’s support brackets, as there are two gutters on two levels you can see these on the image indicated by red lines). We soon realised we would need to have custom steel brackets made.

The other challenge we faced was how we would get the awning itself up to the fantastic fifth floor roof terrace. The stairs weren’t an option as the awning was too big, and this was the view from the edge of the terrace. A long way down as you can see!

The awning arrived within two weeks, and our team headed to the house in Kensington with lots of rope and a plan to hoist the awning up to the terrace from the balcony four floors below. We worked alongside a steel manufacturing company to get the custom awning brackets made. There are 5 different fixings on each bracket, giving a very secure fixing to the wall, and as you can see from the picture they bring the awning out and up to clear the gutter.